Thanks to the extensive experience and acquired know-how, we offer technical assistance in SOLID SURFACE and other types of last generation COMPOSITES projects.
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High performance water-based mold release agents
Committed to the environment and sustainability. Products free of dangerous volatile compounds. Tailor made mold release agents.
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Mineral fillers
Choosing the right kind and proportion of mineral fillers, we can achieve composites with incredible capacities and characteristics. Customized formulations for each project.
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Dry cleaning on metalic mold thanks to the application of compressed air.

Speeds up the cleaning process while preserving the mold surface.

Technical support services

Technical advising for implementing SOLID SURFACE and last generation COMPOSITES projects.

Customized solutions

We recreate demoulding problems in our laboratory until we find the right mold release agent.

Design of new products

Based on our experience in mineral fillers formulation we develope tailor-made composites.

Fast delivery

Raw materials and finished products in stock ensures a regular and quick suply.

AITANA CHEMICALS is a company focus on to the development and trade of last generation release agents and raw materials for the manufacture of composites. Our high technical profile and the experience acquired in important projects allows us to offer the necessary technical support to all our clients. Depending on the needs and specific characteristics of the production process and the final designed product, we offer our clients the right raw materials, both to develop new technologies as to implement more complex products.

Our technical department is a reference in the field of formulating and combining mineral fillers for the production of composites. That is why many companies in the sector trust us to improve the properties of their products or even to create new composites.

A good example of this type of customized development is our “light” mineral filler, specifically developed to reduce the weight of resin shower trays. This special formulation manages to reduce the density of the mixture in this type of compound products by up to 50%. In this way, we achieve to considerably reduce the weight of the shower trays while maintaining the original properties, performance and quality of the final product. This reduction in weight of the shower trays has allowed our customers to:

    • reduce the unit cost of transport by being able to load many more units on a truck or in a container.
    • easier handling of products. Much easier to move and assemble.

AITANA CHEMICALS relies on its strategic partners to ensure its clients the highest quality standards. As an example, the rigorous quality control of the mineral fillers selected and chemically and thermally treated, allows us to offer the maximum guarantees and the highest quality of our fillers. Adequate granulometry, moisture control and purity, as well as a certain whiteness of the mineral, are the key elements in the case of fillers intended for the production of solid surface sanitary ware products.

With the proliferation of polymer matrix composites for new applications, the formulation of specific mineral fillers has become a science. Depending on the requirements for these new polymeric compounds, we must select the appropriate mineral fillers. This selection of the appropriate mineral fillers, as well as their proportion in relation to the resin, will have a direct influence on the properties of the final product.

The other great field of battle for AITANA CHEMICALS is solutions for release. High-performance water-based mould release agents are our great bet. Possibly, because it is one of the lowest production costs, this type of products do not receive the importance they have in any production process. Release agents can considerably improve production efficiency in a company. The increase in demoulding cycles and the ease of removing the molded part reduce downtime and considerably improve productivity.

On the other hand, water-based release agents guarantee cleaner, safer and healthier work environments. They are products much more in line with the most recent EU directives. Increasingly restrictive with the use of chemical products that emit volatile substances. Its non-flammability is essential in sectors where high-temperature devices are used, such as rotational molding.