How to improve scratch resistance of solid surface products?



Many solid surface manufacturers are facing problems as it comes to improving the scratch resistance of their products. The presence of new materials on the market with higher scratch resistance performance means that more and more customers are demanding scratch resistance properties from solid surfaces products for which they were not originally designed.

Solid surface countertops, sinks and shower trays manufacturers must often face with the problem of how to improve scratch resistance. This growing demand from consumers for a product that is not only aesthetically attractive, but also meets their high requirements in terms of physical and mechanical properties, makes it necessary to reformulate solid surface in order to improve its scratch resistance performance.

In an attempt to respond to this new demand from our customers (solid surface manufacturer’s), AITANA CHEMICALS has developed an ATH that considerably improves both the scratch and abrasion resistance of solid surface products. With the support of our technology partners, we are able to claim that we have the first ATH on the market specifically designed to improve the scratch resistance performance of this type of product.

Our ATH for improving the scratch resistance of solid surface products allows us to replace the ATH used in the formulation, without the need to add any additives or raw materials. We will simply replace the ATH used up to that moment with the special anti-scratch ATH from AITANA CHEMICALS in a very similar proportion. Our anti-scratch ATH is compatible for both polyester resin and acrylic resin formulations.

If you need more information about this or any other products of our offer, do not hesitate to contact us. AITANA CHEMICALS has been offering for years advice and technical assistance, both for the development of solid surface projects and for the customisation of mineral fillers adjusted to the needs of our customers.

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